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Japanese style design

Brush handwritten characters

English | 和デザイン 桜(Ohh)

和のぬくもり、テイストを日本へ。そして世界へ。 す。筆文字や筆イラスト作成からブランディングまで。広告代理店 | 桜Ohh | Shinjuku City |TOKYO

広告代理店 | Ohh | Shinjuku City


Welcome to handwritten design using traditional Japanese stationery "brush"


Several brush designers are on standby


Characters and illustrations using a brush


Various designs are possible

The high-quality curves created by handwriting create an eye-catching, hand-held design.


It is also possible to finish it as a cute mark. Can be used as an icon


You can give a stronger image by combining English and Chinese characters.


2 types created

We will also create an icon type at the same time. It can be used not only for signboards but also for various purposes such as Instagram.

Difference from font

The difference from existing fonts is "gentleness" and "feeling"
We will create each character by hand, so
It is possible to draw a shape that closely matches the characteristics of your product and store name.
This is not possible with existing fonts.

Eye-catching design

You can see that even if it is displayed in the graphic design, it will catch your eye.

Get Japanese style design

A full-scale Japanese style design is completed with a design that incorporates brush characters and brush illustrations.


Flow until delivery


Production cost  180,000USD 

▶ Number of proposals:3〜
Unlimited modifications
▶ Delivery time: Approximately 10 business days
Modifications after delivery may incur additional costs.
There is a limit to the number of characters that can be supported. Please contact us for more information.

● We propose both for using icons and for using characters.
It may not be possible depending on the number of characters, so please contact us using the inquiry form.
● You can check the image by email as many times as you like. In some cases, it is possible for you to send us an image etc.
Currently, only email is supported, but we are considering using ZOOM and Google Meet in the future.
● Data delivery (JPEG, PNG, AI, image size can be specified)
● Data will be sent by Gigafile service. Easy to download. Dummy data will be sent before payment so you can check it.
● I have not obtained permission to register a trademark in your country. If you need it, you will have to register yourself.
● About payment
You can pay with PayPal.

​We are

​We are

​We are


We are an advertising agency that provides eye-catching designs using handwritten characters, illustrations and graphic designs with brushes. Taking advantage of my experience working as a general agency, I started as a brush branding department. I would like to have many meetings and talk a lot to create it. And I want to aim for the world! Japanese style design to Japan to the world!


Thank you for sending

We will get back to you within 3 business days. just a moment please


Business content


1) Advertising agency business

2) Real estate investment business, real estate management business

3) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation

Company Profile


Name: Soft Garden Co., Ltd. Location:


1-17-5 Nakaochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Japanese style branding company  Ohh 桜

▶ ︎Operating company name Soft Garden Co., Ltd.

▶ ︎Restaurant promotion

▶ ︎ Shooting / cooking suggestions

▶ ︎Graphic design

▶ ︎Cooking / Wine Consulting

▶ ︎Sake and Japanese food mariage recipe proposal

会社概要 ENG
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